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WiseNext is a venture and smart capital investment company.

"We focus on helping young entrepreneurs with innovative ideas that have an impact on our society, providing capital, knowledge and networking."

Being Wise.

“Whenever I struggle with the some of the biggest decisions, WiseNext is there to clear the picture for me. Thank you for all the help.”

João Prior

“During the hardest moments of the project, when energy levels were lower, the BAs that helped me launch BestTables were crucial to my motivation, challenging and financially supporting important milestones of the project.”

Ricardo Sécio
CEO The Fork - Brasil

"Some years ago we asked for their support to overcome challenges of great complexity and they became part of this company and especially an essential guarantee to conquer the future."

Antonio Del Olmo
CEO The Singular Kitchen

“The experience and knowledge provided by the founders of WiseNext were crucial to the negotiations and financial support of new business partnerships. We count on them for the challenges that lie ahead.”

Ricardo Sousa
Executive Board Member - PC Clinic

“Right from the first meeting we understood that Wisenext would become an invaluable partner. Much more than capital, they bring the experience we need to have a clearer image of where we are, and structure the plan for where we’re going.”

Pedro Almeida
CEO Mindprober

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